A message from Kerryn

"At 13 years old, a surgeon predicted a sedentary future for me, forecasting hip replacements by 30. Yet, this year, I completed the London Marathon with ease.

Consistent, effective movement maintenance has spared me further surgery and expanded my physical capabilities.

The fitness industry's complexity and exclusivity inspired KezaWellness, offering inclusive, straightforward, time-sensitive solutions to pain, mobility, and strength.

We're dedicated to enhancing lives through manageable routines."

  • Clinical Pilates Trainer: Qualified in Clinical Rehabilitation Pilates, Kerryn specializes in utilizing Pilates techniques for rehabilitation and functional movement improvement.

  • Functional Movement Specialist: Kerryn is experienced in assessing and addressing movement patterns and dysfunctions to optimize physical performance and prevent injury.

  • Level 2 and 3 Personal Training: With varied expertise, Kerryn is skilled in designing personalized fitness programs tailored to individual needs and goals.

  • Sports Massage Therapist: Trained in sports massage therapy, Kerryn possesses the knowledge and techniques to alleviate muscular tension, improve circulation, and enhance recovery.

  • Group Training Industry Experience: Kerryn has worked extensively in the group training industry, catering to clients with diverse fitness and lifestyle goals.

  • Clinical Rehabilitation Experience: Kerryn continues to work with one-to-one Clinical Rehabilitation clients in person across London, applying her expertise to support individuals in overcoming injuries and physical limitations.

  • Client Demographic: Kerryn has worked with clients ranging from 20 to 93 years old, demonstrating her ability to adapt her approach to meet the needs of individuals across various age groups and fitness levels.

Designed with you in mind: 

Our purpose is to ensure that safe and effective movement solutions are accessible to everyone.

Developed and curated by Kerryn van der Merwe, KezaWellness is dedicated to improving quality of life through simple, consistent, and effective approaches to movement and wellness.

Kerryn's journey with movement and wellness began after undergoing two hip surgeries at age 13. Advised to limit her daily movement and consider hip replacements at a young age, she turned to specific rehabilitation methods, with Pilates proving to be the most successful.

At KezaWellness, we prioritize safety and simplicity in our movement routines, ensuring a journey that is both effective and time-sensitive. We believe that all bodies deserve the opportunity to fully participate in daily activities, and we're passionate about promoting a healthy, well-functioning physical body that contributes to a happier, more fulfilling life. Join us on the path to better health and well-being today!

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