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30-Pilates for Leg Strength to relieve Back Pain

Spend 30-minutes conditioning, strengthening and toning your lower body, whilst ensuring not to flare up your back pain!  These pilates style exercises fused with functional strength will target the legs leaving you feeling stronger and less strained around your spine! 

20/06/2024 at 7:00 BST

15-Minute Seated Shoulder Routine

Pull Up a chair and enjoy this shoulder focused mobility session! A great way to keep yourself feeling good whilst at your desk, on the couch or even from the side of your bed! 

05/06/2024 at 07:00 BST

15-Minute Standing Mobility

Improve your range of movement, decrease discomfort and tension through this 15-minute class. Explore and improve your range of movement through your shoulders, spine and hips. This standing routine is perfect for feeling less tension and more freedom throughout the body!

27/06/2024 at 7:00 BST

"Movement is reward, not retribution" 

My name is Kerryn, and I believe that everybody deserves to feel good and move well. From double hip surgery, endless rehabilitation, and chronic pain, I now live a full, active, and pain-free life thanks to the effective practices of Pilates and strength training.

I am here to help you do the same!

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I am looking to support my body to recover from pain and prevent further injury. 

Pain Management/Injury Prevention/Mobility

I am an individual looking to improve my quality of life through home workouts and routines.


I am a worker-bee who is seeking a way to manage pain, stay safe and strong  at work and feel better in less time.

Teachers/Care Workers/Warehouse Workers

I am a desk worker looking to relieve tension, manage stress and correct my  posture whilst at work.

Desk Worker/Seated Workouts/Commuters

I am an organization looking to support my staff through a corporate offering.


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Enhance Your Life -starting from as little as 55p per day! 

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A wide variety of videos to suit your specific needs!
What Kezawellness does for me...
Keza and her team really believe in…
Meets me at my need
Really easy-going but effective…
A wide variety of videos to suit your specific needs!

KezaWellness is the perfect solution for the aches and pains that come from a desk job! The videos are short and easy to follow, as well as targeted towards what I want to focus on that day and time.

Hannah van Houweninge

What Kezawellness does for me...

I enjoy all the reminders and input on social media, it's an encouragement and inspiration to keep moving.
The sessions are ideal to slot into my day as the lengths of sessions vary, and I know beforehand which area of my body I will be working.
I enjoy the variety of pilates, yoga and breathing sessions.
The only extra exercise I do is walking on a treadmill.

Susan Tappan

Keza and her team really believe in…

Keza and her team really believe in their approach and it shows. I love that they cater for people like me with injuries and health issues who can’t always make it to the gym or follow a more traditional exercise program.

Amelia Kerin

Meets me at my need

Everything is clear and concise and categorized to help me choose my workouts according to how my body is feeling, rather than what I think I should be doing in order to get 'enough' of a workout. Routines are easy to follow and simple enough to to in almost any space

Happy Member

Really easy-going but effective…

Really easy-going but effective platform. I sit at a desk all day and commute, so Keza gets me mobilized and counter-acting my daily tension in a way that is accessible and enjoyable.

Happy Mover

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